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I do believe the cat has a pink carpet.

There’s a large footprint on the windscreen of my train. On the *outside*. #AlrightyThen

Just asked the girl at the hairdresser for a full Brazilian wax. The look on her face was pure gold.

Sofa shopping. This one is ridiculously comfortable. I may be here for some time.

98-stop shift today. Nice. Time to go and prep my train; make sure those brakes are working.

I can see my train from here.

Here’s a pic of #JenniferLawrence that should be shared.

Got me some nutritious snacks from the pet shop.

Got me some nutritious snacks from the pet shop.

What’s this? Oreo chocolate? Oh, go on then; if I must.

I don’t believe it! How can a journalist not know the difference between your and you’re?

About time!

Just saw Samantha Womack in . That practically makes me famous.

So a friend is teasing me with this pic of Hawaiian-style doughnuts. I actually hate her now. Bitch.

Bored of the standard phonetic alphabet we have to use at work. Might start using this one from now on.


So how do they expect me to cross this footbridge now?