I'm pretty, but im not beautiful. I Sin, but i'm not the devil. I'm good, but i'm not an angel. -MM

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The boss lol

Feelin ourselves at mc donalds reopening quick lol

My creation

I admire the fact that they don't give a dayum even in the middle of the restraunt. #GodIsGood give thanks.

Jst found one of my fav. charms #KnewUdComeBk2Me

Taco Bell is one kinky-ass lil food chain

Lol even on my school supplies

Fckn hate wen these fckn niceass rides park nxt to mine #ShowOffs

She's a good nanny. I should get her resume for my future kids lol

Rollin up rite nw

TF didn't this fckass let me know smh got me commin all the way up here 4 no reason nshxt #Woooosaw

I think this is wat u call no filter

Pix 6 sorry bt u ain't gettin off easily lol

Pix 5 urs truly being hella gay lol idgaf

Pix 4 hoooi lol

Pix 3 smh lol

Pix 2 lol

And this is why we're gonna get kicked out of school before it even starts... Pix 1

Two beef tacos n a side of head O_o thnx #TacoTruck

Dis Ol can't get the bolt off ass nigga haha nuthin bt <3 Eli lol

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