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Here is a poster that hangs in Wartortle's room for TeenagePokemon.

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Was going to set up my Wii U network stuff, but I just got this game for review and I gotta do that first.

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The great has merged and Travis Touchdown into the ultimate horny assassin heartthrob

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This is how my tweeter looks.

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Gotta get ready for Sup Holmes today with ! First, time to watch the master in action #CheckItOut

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And here is the cover for a picture book I wrote & drew about a depressed goldfish who wants to be in The Beatles

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OK, here is the cover for a comic book about Wonder Woman going to McDonald's and being a wonderful snob about it

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And here is an unlettered page from that comic. The Thing doesn't feel like helping out the Hulk cause he's tarded

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OK, here's a cover of a comic about 20's me & The Thing bonding over working with the developmentally disabled.

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OK here's 1 from Super Sumo Club. A boy has a nigh-invulnerable frog in his boxing glove, punches acupuncture man!

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I got glasses yesterday, makes vision a tiny be clearer. Just in time to appreciate Mario in HD next month!

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And here is the last bit of Squirtle art by for Teenage Pokemon. It's cute nuclear (cuteclear?) meltdown!

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Here is another Squirtle by for Teenage Pokemon. At this point it's code yellow of critical cute meltdown.

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OK! Here is the first (and least intense) pic of Squirtle (a non-Teenage Pokemon) by ! I love it!

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Wanted to post some Dtoid post yesterday, but I had to do dog care. She had lady surgery and feet surgeries.

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Monster Hunter 3 ultimate coming to Wii U and 3DS. Will MoHun 4 be cross platform as well?

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SPORTS! #WiiUEvent2012

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Ed O'Neil confirmed for Wii U! Pre-orders skyrocket! #WiiUEvent2012

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