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Here is the chart showing that people generally got a more hedonic/enjoyable experience if the story was "spoiled"

  • 505 days ago via site
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Here is a mock up of the Bidoofshock shirt by . Might edit it so there's no edges to the art. Thoughts?

  • 524 days ago via site
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Here you do! There 2 others of Squirtle lying around if you want that I can upload later.

  • 529 days ago via site
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The end of 2 of my Pokemon eras

  • 535 days ago via site
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Here you go dawg!

  • 535 days ago via site
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I just gave up due to exhaustion and went the easy road with Probopass Mario. How is it?

  • 541 days ago via site
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Commander Video is now in good company.

  • 542 days ago via site
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Oop, that last pic was too revealing. Here is a cropped pic of us answering 's The Question.

  • 543 days ago via site
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Here is the thumbnail for this Sunday's Teenage Pokemon, guest staring . Get Hype. Tell your friends.

  • 544 days ago via site
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OK, almost time to have a great life. #Runner2

  • 548 days ago via site
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Something cool is happening in my life right now #Runner2

  • 548 days ago via site
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Here is a picture of a picture of me from 20 years ago wearing and #Aliens shirt.

  • 557 days ago via site
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Just made a little vanity sprite of how I'd look in Aban Hawkins and the 1,001 Spikes. Fun?

  • 564 days ago via site
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Remember that Pokemon X Borderlands 2 art I made? took it and made it look good for real. She's amazing

  • 570 days ago via site
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Some art I did for a future episode of Teenage Pokemon. will be on screen for about 2 seconds tops.

  • 570 days ago via site
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This was another Teenage Pokemon shirt design sketch I was working with, but already got rejected.

  • 573 days ago via site
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New Teenage Pokemon shirt design maybe. Font is temp. Also might do it in Black and White. What do you think?

  • 573 days ago via site
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Here's some sketches of game developers as Pokemon. First person to guess who's who gets a sandwich.

  • 580 days ago via site
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Here are some designs for the MewTwobe and Red/BlueTube logo. Tell me what you like!

  • 603 days ago via site
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Here is a WIP of Kirlia and Gotharita by and as they may appear in Teenage Pokemon. Good?

  • 603 days ago via site
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