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I'm tempted to use this stuff word for word in a new TNGE PKMN, but I'm afraid it will make teenagers look too bad

  • 387 days ago via site
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Thinking of doing an episode of Teenage Pokemon just about the comments on Teenage Pokemon. These guys are amazing

  • 387 days ago via site
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I think I may get a shirt made with this image on it. Would you wear it? If not, I will.

  • 391 days ago via site
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I'm still amazed when I see comments like this stacked on Teenage Pokemon. It's pretty irregular, right?

  • 394 days ago via site
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Machinima's Youtube comments about Teenage Pokemon, summed up in one screengrab.

  • 401 days ago via site
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She's just found out she's the new mayor. "Does that mean Tortimer is dead? DOES IT?!?!" #newleaf

  • 415 days ago via site
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Walking Dead with Pokemon -- an unused sketch for Teenage Pokemon season 2 by

  • 417 days ago via site
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Saved this baby bun from a cat last night, set it free, it got caught again, saved it again and kept it. Now what?

  • 418 days ago via site
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Sneak Peak of the 1st episode of Teenage Pokemon Season 2.

  • 419 days ago via site
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KK is the best. We're both doing this during Game of Thrones.

  • 422 days ago via site
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There are currently 2 Bidoofshock Infinite posters (by ) in existence. Here is one of them.

  • 429 days ago via site
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Hitmonchanning Tatum and Kim Karkangeskhan.

  • 439 days ago via site
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If we were to have on Teenage Pokemon, he just might look something like this. RT if you like it.

  • 441 days ago via site
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OK! This is a sketch by of a Pokemon who evolved after watching a lot of . I love him.

  • 444 days ago via site
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Just had my best idea ever. Magmar will appear as Mugatu for 3 seconds in Teenage Pokemon season 2.

  • 448 days ago via site
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And this is the last Pikachu with hair, a combo of 2 and 3! Thanks for looking at 'em!

  • 474 days ago via site
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Here is Pikachu with hair #5! All by after ! This is the one I'm leaning towards!

  • 474 days ago via site
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Here are 2 more Pikachu's with hair! After this 2 more to go! Thanks for the feedback so far!

  • 474 days ago via site
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I'm going to show you the Pikachu's with hair! Tell me which you like the most! Here's the 1st two!

  • 474 days ago via site
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Here is the chart showing that people generally got a more hedonic/enjoyable experience if the story was "spoiled"

  • 477 days ago via site
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