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Many students at UNT when asked "When are you going to watch the dvd they said, "probably right now!"

UNT students were very happy to get The Biggest Question in their hands.

"Success" was certainly the word for today. Justin (a Christian) couldn't wait to watch TBQ & then to spread the word.

The word for today: "Providentally Sucessful!" Proof is in the pic give away is almost done at UNT!

Never knew that driving from Lancaster, CA to LAX could be so fun. Praying loads of peeps will c the sticker. #180movie

Witnessing at The Block at Orange. This young boy was glued to Ray Comforts Comic "Are You a Good Person" tract.

For 180 Day Pastor Emilio is up at UNT open air preaching while a team of us pass these out.

Christmas caroling and handing out 180 dvds. Family said as they held it up, "We are going to watch this right now."

Ray Comfort's in town. Need I say more. Good times. Poor Greg. Finished with filming. Off to grab a bite to eat.

Ray Comfort at a new studio preparing to go on another tv program. A full day of filming. Topic: 180! #180movie

Ray Comfort filming on the Christian Woman's version of "The View". Praying before filming. Topic: 180 #180movie

Ray Comfort entertaining the Daystar Studios production team with his silly wallet photos. #180movie

Man's creation (right) and God's (left).

Confirmed: earthquake in OK just a few min ago. We felt it in Keller. I was reading the bible under this lamp.

Homeschool group @ my home watching the BBC's documentary called "Deborah 13: Servant of God." with Deborah.

1 time a year when they come in droves to the door. 180 for the parents & goodie bags w/ tracts 4 the kids. #180movie

Amy and Sarah passing out 180 movie DVDs at Central High #180movie

Success! 600 "180" movie dvd's at Central High school in Keller TX. #180movie students all gone and so are moat Dvds.

Passed out 600 "180"movie DVDs at Central High in Keller, Tx. No problems. And only a handful of rejects. #180movie

Just got word that "180" is being played right now in the TWU library. #180movie

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