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Tats On My Arms...Sho u where im FROM. Triple D representa...follow at your own risk....D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.-ologist #Militia

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My nigga buttoned to the top #ology

These niggas just tried to get leaned out on robitussin. First of all, all of em was talkin bout they lean'(non drowsy)

This dude walks in with popcorn n a drink and spills the popcorn soon as he sits down lmao

Team #Ologized won again tonight to go 3-0 ya boy dropped 24 on dem boyz

n rotation


inspired this message

Brooks Barber has on a fubu sweatsuit hahahaha matching top n bottoms

Rockin my xombiology Tshirt tonight

I wonder if noticed the #wookies!!!!!

Hoe ass Nigga tried to glitch me online on madden for money I was down 23-6


is ologized to tha muthafuckin max!!! #TripleDologized #ology

finally I feel even better about my decision last week

Im sleepy man in this class what y'all thi bk she sound like

#xombiology is everywhere this was on a professor's door at my school

Happy birthday !!!