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The details ;)

Sid has finally decided to step out on the porch :)

Ember's patiently waiting on the arm of the couch but these 3...Pirates they are

Mojo you make it difficult to sew...not to mention uncomfortable

Mojo thinks he's a parrot & spends as much time here as he can get away with

Meat cooked in cast iron always tastes least to me :)

...And these 2 cast iron pieces are done too...along with my back & shoulders

Now the cast iron griddle is usable

The little one is starting to look better than dad's stove LOL

Well the cast iron griddle no longer matches the orange counters but not done

...And the 'Ugly' my camping set that accidentally got put in storage

...The 'Bad'...2mos old but working on it...

The 'Good' over 100's year old...sadly 25yrs ago someone decided to 'clean' it

this is actually a 500% improvement of what they were :-/

I just look soooo impressed...NOT

I just found blackmail pictures of my son *evil mom grin*

...Well that is when he's not trying to paw me usually he grabs my butt

Peanut plays 'body gaurd' every time I get up & walk around...

Bella isn't as brave as Peanut & hasn't moved from this spot since we came out

...The firepit needed to 'relaxitate' too ;)