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27 year old bi science nerd and unapologetic fan of bands, movies, shows and other things. I'm from NorCal

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My totally healthy banana split dinner.

My brother's youngest turned 5 yesterday. He just sent me this picture

I turned my back for 10 seconds and the kid fell asleep like this!

This is about 30 lbs of pears & apples ( the pears were $10 for two boxes!)

Second recipe attempt of the day: tortilla chips!

Ha! That looks like a pretty damn successful braid

The funeral home booth at this community faire is giving out skull & crossbones beads! Love it

Finished a pillow for my nephew

Pillow in progress! :)

These are crackin me up more than the barbie-sized 1D dolls

Ta-da, thank you all for helping prevent my meltdown :)

I don't think this looks quite right. Will keep searching

The clouds were really pretty today

I found a deer! (Well, the bones of one. My dad pulled over & they were right outside the door.)

7 Bags made. They're sheer and lightweight so they should work great for produce :D

Success! Two produce bags sewn and more to do :)

BB sweater progress. Couldn't find a matching red so went w contrast instead. :)

This is how i keep my cat in the house when the dog goes out.