Oh look at this fine piece of string I have here!

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man look at this burrito

I am a sexy bitch.

Happy Burthday here is your beard pic

Finally got my desk and computer set up and going :D

My god what is it?!!??!!?

Came home to this hanging on the wall...

To far? Maybe but it is damn cute

Now that's some tight pussy...

Having to much fun #lookatwhatIdid

just found the action replay for the ps2

Man why did have to get sick in the car!?!? Just kidding spilt my food on myself...

This is an oxymoron

Gary's likes apples #yetanothercatpic

My Mama trying spiked ice tea #dontthinkshelikesit

Gary's new toy copied your idea and he loves it lol

Someone got thirsty while shopping

Kitty sneak attack!!!

This is what you get when you have $30 left over in bean bucks

Got this at a garage sell with my Mama.

Holy hail