Daniel Flynn


Retired Army healthcare. Prior tanker, SOTI. Exposure is the enemy.

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Fed, bathed and sleepy. My boy is so cute, but he ducks the camera :-)

Not cool, not cool :-( Pup-dad gave me a bath!!

How could anyone stay mad at someone with an angel's face like this? He's scheduled for a trim on the 5th :-)

What do you think of the Greek crisis, Ranger?

'I'm just resting my eyes here, Boss.'

'Daddy, could you fluff my pillow?'

Oops, I did a "Royal Thrones" on my head :-(

'Dad, you have a mighty comfortable knee!'

Ah yes, all is right with the world!! :-)

'Now that I've had my bath it's time for a nap on Daddy's chest.'

'Head on my shoulder!!'

Ranger-pup, ready to spring into action at a moment's notice!

Washed a load of old athletic socks when I noticed this. Couldn't be my puppy. Maybe it was a sock alien breaking out

A smilin' fool!! :-D

He's sum such a good boy!!

My ugly unshaven puss and my beautiful cocker puppy ;-)

The nose knows :-)

'Pup-dad, could you call and schedule a massage?'

Poopie puppy!! :-)

My dirty old "midi" Frieling French coffee press on the left and my just delivered "mega" on the right. Schweet!! :-)