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Tooth healing process. Lemon slice tea oatmeal.

Navy SEALs

Adjustment Bureau (2011) Can I tell you a secret? Tell her you Love her what she does after that is up to her.

The Thing 2011 "for a klondike bar"

Tooth healing process picture. Chewing tea leaves and onion. I am not a dentist.

16.5" dodge/coined wheels to flat 16" ford/chevy using mag lugnuts for centering.

Water in wheel bad, bead too corroded must use inner tubes or throw away.

Manually breaking a bead, hardest thing ever.

Air purification, freshener attempt lemon, corn chips, coffee, onion and cotton.

Preserve water for plant. Noodle holder over glass with pod. Just plant in bigger pot when ready.

Shiny eyes to the left. "The Losers"

Recommended seed to tree. Remove original seeds. Not sure of proprietary dna. I use store bought fruit.

Healing teeth update.

1994 Ford Ranger Traction lok in. 3.08 gear. Torque caps next.

Where that spring pop off to?

Galveston high 88 - External 85, Attic 116, internal 80. Time 2:56pm

Tooth appears to be healing top to bottom. Ate tea leaves whats in between teeth. I am not a dentist.

One 5.7l vortec head on, next one coming up. Going plain jane sister's truck. This is why I love my animals.

3/4" wrench smoothed edge so no cut screen and hammer.