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Why does my conscience tell me to philander?

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David Stern predetermines important NBA games.

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I should be getting suited up right now to get inebriated and probably scappy with UFC fighters and FOX Execs tonight

Mission Accomplished

I admire how this drunken stupor pose makes a damn near flawless heart

The world, then me

The Conscience vs. Corporate Policy pose #JerryMaguire #OutlookOnLife

Recruiting Trail or Recruiting Tail at the McDonalds All American game, right coach?

Gumbi says hello, Mad Men says good-bye #RIPGumbi

John Elway gets his first Manning face

The Mormons of BYU have a perfect logo for their school... Y

MISSISSIPPI State Valley shooter with one of the worst clutch shot in March Madness history

Bored today, so I made a rated-G for Gumby Sex Tape gif

Does anybody else ever look at TJ Lavin shirts during these shows? CT Jr.?

Still Manning Face making after all these years

Have we been introduced before, because I already know you are going to introduce me to a bitch name Cavity

My brain is overloading this morning with mockery as to why the name exists and how long has it been in my household?

Monumental, although my negro just got devalued by $500 with this achievement

"Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are trending like crazy on Twitter now"... WRONG, CBS