I'm a Pokemon trainer who battles competitively and makes videos on Youtube. 3DS Code: 2148-9433-8805. Black2 Code: 4342-0590-1080. YT: @TrainerConnorYT

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Important note about unofficial sport: Pockey.

Yo! I finally got a Haunter trained. Thanks Kyle for recommending!

Watching Hockey! #Sharks


NHL 13: PS3

Chicken Pot Pie! You jelly? :p

Yep, im satisfied.

Tonight im sitting by the tree! Happy times.

Here is another pic: they fly away....

F-16's fly by! ;D ohhh yeaaaa!

Testing for my youtube pic

I love this pic!

SHINY!! OMG my first ever in BW2!!

Pokedex 3D photo 7: Tornadus used Hurricane!

Pokedex 3D photo 6: Reuniclus & Duosion combined!

Ahhhhh..... #Pokedex3D

Pokedex 3D photo 5: Sawsbuck take care of baby Deerling!

Pokedex 3D photo 4: Carracosta on top of Garbodor...

Pokedex 3D photo 3: Galvantula and Ferrothorn hold onto gears!