My book Who's Afraid of Post-Blackness? is out now. Fuse (Hiphop Shop). MSNBC. Author: Never Drank the Kool-Aid. For speaking events—

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Look at the cool little stick drawing of Questo on the inside of the Nikes. #Details

A family photo snapped today!

The Hiphop Shop is all about Lil Wayne & it's on at midnight.

Hello my new friend.

Shooting this week's Hiphop Shop all about Lil Tunechi.

Great intv with for the Hiphop Shop today. He designed the Reeboks he's in.

Hello Questos.

New Warhol statue on Broadway.

End of LCD Soundsystem 2.

End of LCD Soundsystem 1.

The end of LCD.

Sheel explaining how NYC's horse manure prob was changed by the invention of the car. #TedxTeen

More typical German graf, taking me back.

The Hophop Store's storefront banner uses (steals?) Run-DMC & the Source mag iconography.

Saw this in Hamburg, Germany: the Hiphop Store! (They sell hoodies and tees.)

The Aerosol Art scene in Germany remains hot. There's great pieces everywehere. Like this:

Here's a pic of the front of a cool firehouse in Hamburg. Above her it says "Fire!" in German.