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I can haz your sammich?

I learn so much from Google autocomplete

  • 2089 days ago via site
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Had a bubble tea called Zombie Stripper. Mmmm...

So, yeah, I'm special...

Japanese snacks come with packets of scrumptious silica gel. Mmmm...

#SleepTalkinMan is looking for an illustrator. Just a 5 minute scratch concept. Hmmm...

  • 2188 days ago via site
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Sometimes I need a kick in the ass to tell me what to draw, so I followed this tut:

  • 2211 days ago via site
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I like to follow tutorials for inspiration and learning some neat tricks. This one comes from

  • 2307 days ago via site
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An animatic I'm working on includes this desert background. This desert is making me thirsty!!!

  • 2353 days ago via site
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Just a taste of the next strip that may or may not come out tomorrow.

  • 2371 days ago via site
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Working the dust off, I did a quick tute from for Raised Polish Type that can be applied to any fill.

  • 2379 days ago via site
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I have a problem. My problem is this isn't a breakfast beverage.

  • 2463 days ago via api
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I can't afford good shoes. Send money.

  • 2476 days ago via site
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He () always talks about morning light with such enthusiasm. Now I know why.

  • 2476 days ago via site
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My good buddy (that's his actual name; worked out well for Twitter) helped me capture this early today.

  • 2476 days ago via site
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I'm totally crushing on Katie Ellen. thanks night. :)

  • 2480 days ago via api
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I'm totally crushing on Jatie Ellen. Thanks night.

  • 2480 days ago via api
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Rod WTF was that Jr and his rat at night.

  • 2480 days ago via api
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Steve enjoyed too many bevies before agreeing to do stand-up at night.

  • 2480 days ago via api
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Wes Borg preaches the stupidity of salmon dandruff.

  • 2480 days ago via api
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