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The is a Remake of Dark Caster with my Personal Touches, Good Luck to Everyone and Hope you enjoy this Artwork.

  • 1181 days ago via site
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This is still a Work in progress, I actually have a background in mind. Any helpful criticism is nice.

  • 1182 days ago via site
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Did not realise how busy I was these couple of weeks... A tribute to A Good Friend of mine, Enjoy.

  • 1229 days ago via site
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I have to say this is My Personal Favorite Armour.
I hope you guy's enjoy it as well.

  • 1250 days ago via site
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Okay, It's been quite a long time since I Uploaded something.
Art can't be rushed. One of my best works.

  • 1252 days ago via site
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Sorry was meant to upload this yesterday. Late Happy Birthday! May your dreams and wishes come true.

  • 1258 days ago via site
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The Armour is finished!
I have two should design's which I prefer the Left.
I hope you guys Enjoy!

  • 1259 days ago via site
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I Just started this Armour...
Even so it does look Malicious.

  • 1260 days ago via site
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Inspiration can come at strange places.
The Ripper Mech.
Agile and Deadly with its plasma tipped claws.

  • 1260 days ago via site
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The Templar Knight Armour.
Bringing Justice and Peace to the Lands.

  • 1272 days ago via site
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My Dragon.
I thought I could have done more.
Request from Someone in AQW.

  • 1272 days ago via site
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A Caster?, A Warrior?.
Warrior Caster?
Let's go with Battle Caster.
One of my best armour's.

  • 1272 days ago via site
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One of my personal favourite armour's.
Even shadow's can't escape as his target.

  • 1272 days ago via site
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Travelling is much more when your wearing this suit!

  • 1272 days ago via site
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Lurking in fresh clean water...
Be careful when you go near a lake.

  • 1272 days ago via site
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Though I'm not a fan of Tentacles...
It does make what it looks like Chaotic.

  • 1273 days ago via site
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What do you do when Seconds are too long at school?
Well I drew a Rose with Oil Pastels.

  • 1273 days ago via site
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A game of chance is purely unpredictable, so is chaos. I present my rough sketch of The Mad Hatter

  • 1276 days ago via site
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Why No EXP?

  • 1307 days ago via site
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Go Master Ball... Success!

  • 1307 days ago via site
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