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I have a *ahem* slight, Mortal Kombat obsession... Lover of Video Games, and Video Game Music Lover of TV and Movies And... Lover. *wink ladies, wink wink*

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This poster has a Gears Of War feel to me what do you think?

:D Awesome :D

Awesome day for some footy at ... Essendon vs Gold Coast Suns

Awesome day for some footy at stadium... Essendon vs Gold Coast Suns

Awesome day for some AFL footy at Stadium :)

Jax has a new Business Venture... Awwwwww Yeaaaaaaahhh

Here comes the rain!! It has Begun!!!!! *waits for Shao Kahns dancing minions to show up*

Sooooo much sh!tty weather :/ 4 and 5 degree nights coming wtf! On top of that this constant rain

WTF 8 degrees 2nite! Sub-Zero' getting me back for the scorpion trolling!

They say "Revenge is a dish best served cold" but in Scorpions case, he serves it at boiling hot temperature!

did u get one of these? For AC1

MKII Retrospective hmmm...

It's getting crazy in here KI is going OFF!!! Retro showdown endouken fight! #BAM6

Killer Instinct Tournament in full swing at #BAM6 !

Killer Instinct Tournament going off at #BAM6

Got something for your from ... If you want it :p

The #BAM6 Battle Interface... This is where winners and losers are forged!

I has artived at #BAM6 FIGHT! 1st thing someone asked me If I knew what was counting down too

lol well your not missing much if your Saturday is going to look like ours... cold wet and grey :/