Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once?

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My asshole boss AND Corporate showed up tonight. LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM TO FINISH EARLY AND LEAVE!!!!!

Moody's Booty!! #TexanPride!!!

My guitar teacher's new band!

Apparently I look more like a man than I thought.... >__>

So my blood blister from yesterday kinda just exploded open while drawing... :/

My boss, being the manly man he is, doesn't know how to use bandaids. "It's looks like I put a condom on your finger!"

it looks white here, but that's my flash's fault...

this is a vegan dessert you may like, though...

the coffee-stained books I bought today... I recommend all of them. Excluding Yonen Buzz: that's manga. XD

Soooooooo beyond stoked I found this! Favorite film! ❤

for you, my beautiful girl: to help you feel better... ❤

hahaha we are bad at being kinky. XD well this was the "fun game"

hiiiii Sarah. :) here's my baby sister, Lauren (she's holding soda in her mouth). XD

I checked my grades... 100 on street signs, 90 on road laws. I'm not a complete idiot!

it's true!

For all my friends on here... <3

I'm great, darling! <3

ahahahahaha oh my god, look at this! XD

there ya go: chibi little Dani... <3

Turned my mom into a Lovatic... must have this affect on many people. :O