Tora Springer


I am a lovely springer who lives wif 2 sisfurs and 2 kittehs. I love hill running wif pop but hate his bagpipes. Proud member of #wonkyclub

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Looks like I ave a pup stuck to my bum!!

Looks like I ave a pup stuck to my bum!!

Snuggles are da best!!!

I am hee hee

Spot the Springer pup....

Evening all sorry not tweeted much but we has had visitors - da new pup is changing and getting more confident by da day

Night all zzzzzz

- after doing a big poop on carpet she is now sleepin! Disinfectaaaaant!!

I knows Marley I is feelin da preshure....... She knows da sofa posishun - get prioritees right 1st

yes we got her yesterday annuver springer like me - ere she be

ere she b dis mawning

yah ere she is but she has no name yet

She likes a cuddle awwww

don't ask!!! What a task!!

don't ask!!! What a task!!

yes she out for count now! Still trying to fink of a name! Pop
Sleeping downstairs tonight to ease her

yup I am teeching her evryfing she knows