Tora Springer


I am a lovely springer who lives wif 2 sisfurs and 2 kittehs. I love hill running wif pop but hate his bagpipes. Proud member of #wonkyclub

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Day 1 of Pop's Sponsored Event - Inverness to Fort William

Juno! Go away! pesky sisfurs Lilly!

this be us all before bedtime last night, pix a bit dark!

leaves? Ma sick of hoovering them up - look what my sispup Juno does.....

And I'm pooped after a good run in the mud and swim in the stream and a good blustery blowy day! Zzzz

Here's Iona Lecter, my sisfur - 1st time off lead with muzzle & she did rilly well! Even had time with it off 4 a swim!

I Tried a test to me and it werked so trying to yoo again!


ere I am - Angus in da bottom left hand corner!

like this??

Look! It's in Your Dog Mag! He's at the bottom left hand corner - it's an article on social petworking!

Trying to get the space wif da best sunshine

Look wot pop saw in da paper today - wow they're big!!

ha ha well it is cold yes! Last winter was proper brrrrrr - iced legs!

Me and my pawly eye wif Jura and Iona

Oh and here's a photo of me in my face swimming spot earlier

Somebody has crashed......

Juno haf got new bling - mine da same but in red and a bit battered Bol!

Juno and I haf had enuf for today, night x