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Software Engineer, Production Assistant, Gamer, Technology Enthusiast, and much more... (RT's are not endorsements) #HailHydra

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Here’s what I was trying to send

looks like you do have what I want. *turns car back around*

I didn’t even think to check the app.

I want an iPad 6 Plus! I kid. But the Oxford comma does save lives…

Been here three hours, and I’m still the only one here. #Dedication #iPhone6Plus

How’d you do? #AppliedNet

Never forget. #PatSummitt

here’s a hint to my location. Front row, LF. #OctoberfestScavengerHunt

Thanks for lying saying a package was delivered. Get home to find a slip. Was near office, now hour away.

here’s a #tbt for you. Is there an upgrade path? #v3

Explain to me why it costs more to buy the soundtrack than it does the movie… #logic

My Internet connection keeps dipping in and out (see graph in screen shot). Going to try again later for streaming.

As Bart Scott would say…

Found this gem on my computer.

Blake is pretty excited that I went with the Honey BBQ Chicken Pizza. #BBQWithBlake

Good things come to those who wait…

Got this in the mail today from . A fantastic birthday gift!


Does your place of employment have any use for a used Designer/Product Owner? Like new condition.