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4th random draw: shadow top sword...some problems with the pen and handle designe :P

  • 1551 days ago via site
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3rd random draw: bone top you can see...pure random with bad proportions and all that crap... :P

  • 1551 days ago via site
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2nd random draw: dark phoenix blade...this is what happens when you draw fast :P lol

  • 1551 days ago via site
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first random draw: i was going to make a scythe...then i thought (something...ANYTHING) is a dragon toon scythe...BIZARRE RANDOM STUFF FTW XD (BTW...the black part were legs but i decided to make a weird scythe)

  • 1551 days ago via site
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a simple stick man that could be a pet (since everyone liked the game)...inspired on that video that posted a few days ago..."just do anything" here it is...i will upload 6 more random drwas i made dont expect something cool or anything :P

  • 1551 days ago via site
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who is this guy........looks so creepy....O.o

  • 1563 days ago via site
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2nd version of the top knight armor made by ! :D

  • 1564 days ago via site
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talking with and other guys before the event...was really fun...altough SOMEONE wanted to steal my coin XD

  • 1566 days ago via site
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FINALLY!!! NOW WHO IS "out of range"? XD for some reason a got a glitch when i needed 3000 rep left (always quest complete) so it was faster!

  • 1573 days ago via site
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the top knight armor! flashed by ! thx soo much! :D original here hope you like it!

  • 1573 days ago via site
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oh god....I REALLY DID IT! metallic shadow reaper of DOOM!!! made in the Paint.NET for polistar's contest >:D

  • 1579 days ago via site
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sorry ichi.....I FOUND HIM FIRST :D

  • 1579 days ago via site
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the mystic sabre!! hope you like it ;)

  • 1579 days ago via site
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the massive top sword!! stupid computer....STOP MESSING WITH THE COLORS!! >_<

  • 1579 days ago via site
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the metallic shadow reaper of DOOM!!!! so loving this one >:D didnt colored 'cause of my last draw problem :P has double dedication for and who has been hacked by a freaky frog XD

  • 1580 days ago via site
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the cybernetic edege....i know it sucks....but it looked really cool before i colored it :P

  • 1580 days ago via site
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beleen using the Derpahurpadin armor (member) with the Derpahurpadin's Benediction (non-mem)...anonymous is using the Derpslayer armor ( mem) and there is a Derpslayer Helm, Derpy White Wings, Derpy Stary Sword, Derpy Seppy Sword....XD fits perfect with my derp chongo!

  • 1581 days ago via site
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the top sword!! my new personal :D

  • 1581 days ago via site
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orb of corruption sword! i messed up a lot with this one :P it looked better when it wasnt colored....

  • 1582 days ago via site
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THE DRAGONS DEVOURER!! i really like this sword....inspired on 'cause of the dragon theme :D

  • 1583 days ago via site
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