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The Rose of Elegance. I got use to make simple shape swords with a pair of blades on each side. Idk, i like to do it

  • 953 days ago via site
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Greed's Smile. I kinda like it. Inspired on TomixAE 's character: Greed

  • 954 days ago via site
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Advanced Top Gun. I like it, its hard to imagine it in AQW

  • 954 days ago via site
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Devils of Darkness. I really like the idea of the evil eyes in the darkness

  • 954 days ago via site
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Royal Heavy Blade. Yea, there are too much stuff on this sword, lol.

  • 954 days ago via site
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The Perfect Lips. Lol, i like this one. A friend said: "Hace la espada "tu beso"", which means "Make the "Your kiss" sword" in spanish. Here it is xD

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Ancient X Sword. I know its short to be a sword but im not sure if i like it as a dagger

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Beauty of the Sky. Not my style, just a friend asked me to do it :P

  • 954 days ago via site
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Veangeance of the Dead. Kinda weird, i dont know how to draw skulls yet :P

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The Golden Pain (i know its not colored but still). Simple, inspired on the Redemption Blade of Nulgath

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Its been a while since i post my draws so here it is. Lets start with the one i like less: Dragon's Breath. Simple

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Evil Chaos.....i shouldnt have painted it :P

  • 1077 days ago via site
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Knight's emblem.....same style, simple

  • 1077 days ago via site
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Blood Devourer.....pure randomness :P

  • 1077 days ago via site
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Royal Moon......i dont even understand my own designe, lol.....inspired on Veneeria's handle style

  • 1077 days ago via site
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This is what i tried to explain

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I totally forgot to upload this.....yea....i think something its not right here <.<

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A not so small thing i have just relized.....on the left we have Kakashi with his Sharingan on his right eye (Kakashi vs Sasuke); but on the right one Kakashi has the Sharingan on his left eye!!! (Kakashi vs Pain). And it happened before, so its not a thing of one episode...

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here are all the DF 2011 masks..........WTF IS A XARBAX?! (the las one)

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yep....i got all your candy....thx mageman!

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