This is my crossdressing alter-ego. She is Wonder Woman to my Diana Prince; Superman to my Clark Kent but with satin panties instead of a cape.

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Working from home today. Time to get dressed. :-) #happiness is #crossdressing

Nothing like those Work From Home days. #crossdresser #pretty

I just love these "work from home" days.

Holy crap! She could be my shrink's twin sister! It could be a little awkward if this were actually her.

Here is a new version. Any better?

Need to spice this up. Any suggestions?

This is the elevation profile for today's race.

Here is the pattern of my skirt today.

Follow up on a previous post... what a titty bear might look like.

thanks! I'm glad you like it. I live on Whidbey Island. It is in the Puget Sound just north of Seattle.

Suddenly, my own personal kinks don't seem so kinky.

Brevity IS the soul of lingerie and I like to be in briefs.

been working on the outline for my book about cross dressing. Its bigger than I thought it would be.

Off to run some errands and get my regular check up from the neck up.

Come one ladies, I need help shopping! I need a non-slutty skirt to go with these shoes. Help a sister out.

I have a mission/favor for my Twitter Sisters. Help me find a skirt to go with these shoes. (no mini skirts please)

Saw these and remembered that i need to run the flag up the pole for the holiday weekend.

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