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Dear , I returned it with two minutes to spare. Stop charging me $50 for late returns, K?

Finally getting the Junk Babies framed at . Can't wait to see them framed.

How to REALLY help Japan:

We saw hanging out on the street today. Someone had just been sitting on him.

Sweet Tea Moonshine at is OMFG Awesome.

My Facebook app just did this weird spotlight thing...

Free shots of Jameson...wherever the hell I am right now. #JamesonSucks

Liquid lunch at Declan's.

Here's a first: The Merch/CDs/Magazine/Stuff stand is set up on.....the washer and dryer.

Pancake Flight (and conf call) at Orange.

Two survivors in Japan are reunited. [PHOTO] #Dog #Pets

White Sox home opener tickets secured. Seat location provided for those wishing to avoid me.

Chivito: grilled wagyu ribeye, ham, bacon, cheddar, fried egg, lettuce, pickled chiles, garlic mayo, pretzel roll.

Número Tres. #Carnivale

TIL that even twitter celebs have feelings.

Scene in River North where police officer was shot...

Voting at 6am caused me to miss my train.Next one was delayed. I spent a lot of time in snow. #firstworldproblems

All Hail Lemmy. #Motörhead

View from the soundboard before we make our way to the rail. #Motörhead