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Back on the floor... It's Slayer time.

View from the non-metal skybox. #Megadeth #Slayer

Dave Mustaine is, as the kids say, fucking shit up. #Megadeth


Walgreen's in Chicago: finally selling wine and beer again.

Sushi with (more) obnoxious (than me) co-workers from LA.

Easily one of the best books I've read all year. #AllMyFriendsAreDead

Thanks again to . This wasn't necessary, but was very appreciated. We'll definitely be back soon.

Twenty Four Hours Until Carnage. #Slayer #Megadeth #ThoseOtherGuys

Only at can I follow an insane workout with free booze.

Putting to the test!

I was disappointed it didn't say: "America, Fuck Yeah!" on the inside...

Loving the new Chicago Tribune iPhone app! This thing is jam packed with goodness.

CNN typo shits on DC

I like being vascular, but haven't actually GROWN in 2+ years. #workoutfail

Tribune Tower maintenance crews badly in need of spellcheck.

Jets flying over, as seen from West Lakeview

View of the Mother Ship from the Terrace at Trump