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Getting a nose bleed up here. #WhiteSox

Mission Accomplished. #WhiteSox #FrankThomas

Each gate has about 3k people waiting. All for a bobblehead. Luckily my friends got in line at 9:30. #WhiteSox

Wow. I've got a lot of tickets.

Alerts from Mint today have been like a series of sucker punches.

Mini Stanley Cup given away at the White Sox game tonight.

Not much to feel good about this month. I'll pass on the Pearl Meatloaf.

According to the Tribune iPhone app, 'nobody' wrote this story.

Correction: Two good things arrived today. #Metal #Dork

The only good thing about today..

Oysters at Sea Catch in Georgetown

While frequent trips down here make it less special, I still love Chick-fil-A.

Last ride of the day at Busch Gardens.

Busch Garden

Midnight in DC

Sushi at Uni

The yin to my yang

Raining Blood!!!

South of Heaven!