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I really like how my school photo turned out this year...

I really like how my class photo turned out this year...

here a photo of me after Thanksgiving dinner. Will it get featured?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers (sorry, H*T) are playing a show at a casino in #YYC; I am officially an old man #Sadness

That was a pretty easy one, time-wasting calendar; that didn't waste very mich time at all #CommonThoughts

This looks like a cowboy with large breasts & hay in his mouth doing the splits. Thoughts? #CloudShot #WhatDoesThisMean?

": We need an iconic photo of Calgary for our new site. Anyone have one we can use?" How's this?

Whether she's giving them out or taking them by the handful, I think I have a crush on prescription girl #MoreOxyPlease

Here's my sweet ride made all vintage-y with sweet contrast #BlackBerryInstagram #AmIDoingThisRight

Here's a picture of my food #BlackBerryInstagram #AmIDoingThisRight?

This wasp has been looking in my window for 45 mins. I'm starting to think he can hear my thoughts. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

Step 1: pour coffee syrup directly into mostly empty milk jug. Step 2: misjudge the amount of milk. Step 3) diabetes

new vollerball uniforms? Hahahaha

CORRECTION: I have stuffed my food-hole with processed 'meat' for $20!!! #WhatACountry #IDontFeelSoGood

Deli meat taste testing? Is filling my body with processed meat worth $15? I wouldn't be here if it wasn't!

Homer Simpson in a grass skirt thinks everyone should go home early from work & drink beer. I concur #RaiseAGlass #YEG

I did it, I finally won! Take that #NHL scouts and everyone I've ever met

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