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: apparently I chose the right people to drink with @ the bar.. Yes, that is a 2000 Super Bowl Championship ring!

: just rocked the $hit out of #Epicenter2011... No bull$hit, Limp Bizkit is back!

: I'v been going 2 Presidential Car Wash for years, but this has 2 be the best job they have ever done on my ride!

: Wow! might be time to start thinking about owning a motorcycle again in my life.....

: I'm basically a multi millionaire on paper now....

: Any guess's as to why & had 2 sit under my table 4 an entire game?!

: been such a thrill 4 me being able 2 work w/ director Peter Farrelly (Google him!) this past 2 days! #humbled

: always a pleasure passing on the 101 freeway... #tweetsfromtraffic

: shredding!

: 2days, gym track. ♬ 'Lose Yourself' - Eminem ♪ #nowplaying

: the 9/11 memorial that Pepperdine University put together is incredible, I can't believe it's been 10yrs already.

: oh yeah, I'v still got it! somebody just left this little gem on my windshield... Look out !

: it's been a liquid diet kinda weekend up here @ Big Bear

: did you guys seriously put my 1st headshot on the package!? Thank u for the laughs! Love u guys!

: home sweet home for the next 4 days, it's good 2 be out of L.A for a bit!

: diggin these spy shots of the edition FX, looks pretty bad a$$! I love the rear diffuser

: roof top shenanigans over at & 's casa

: what's thats the protocol when you find a baby hamster walking down the road, because that just happened!

: as if owning a smart car wasn't bad enough, you had to Ed Hardy the hell out of it too?!

: round 1 of 's tourney, #ReadySetGo! thank you for allowing us to play on your a$$!