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I've seen a lot of #tsunami wreckage so far, but nothing quite like this. Cars on top of tombstones.

My wheels in Tohoku this weekend.

Just saw emperor in Minami Sanriku. Tinted windows aren't conducive to good photos! #japan #tsunami

This is how soldiers search for bodies in mud. In a straight line, w/poles to prod ground. #tsunami

Thank you to for bringing Girl Scout Cookies from SF! #awesome #samoas

Just bought this B&W photo book of #nuclear power plants in Japan. Images also on display now at FCCJ.

Amid the rubble in Onagawa, a statue of a boy points to the heavens. #tsunami

Complete devastation in Ishinomaki. #tsunami

Tokyo gov candidates on NHK now. Mac Akasaka of "Smile Party" wants everyone to make merry.

Heading toward midnight. Still at Tepco. Officials getting another harsh grilling by Japanese reporters.

Geez, two #earthquake warnings at once!

Normalcy in Tokyo's Azabu Juban neighborhood. Shops open, people enjoying the nice day.

View from my Detroit hotel, 53rd floor. I've never slept in a room this high up before. #AAJA

Me, as drawn by my favorite four-year-old. The blue hair isn't a bad look.

Valentine's Day with the Kims (or at least a portrait of them). #dprk #nkorea

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko just arrived to watch sumo!

Here's the main pack of runners! Waseda and Nihon U were out in front of these guys as they came past Shiba Koen. #ekiden

2010 going up in flames at Tokyo's Zojoji. #newyear

あけましておめでとう! Happy 2011 from Tokyo!

Batmobile in Ginza? Seven of these were cruising around the 'hood just now. #pimpmyride