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And here it is: Blinding Light of Destiny in an attempted EpicDuel style!

What you guys think? :D

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Alright, something I drew a bit back; The Blinding Light of Destiny! ... If it were in ED :D

Yeah, it got me thinking: what would Artix look like in ED style? Well, here's what I imagine the axe would be like. :)

Yes, like the first axe, this axe is supposed to have 2 blades, it's just I ran out of room :D


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The Dragonic Spellrune Armor and Hood!

Believe it or not, this was oringinally going to a hood redesign for the Tomcat armor I made a while back, it was supposed to be a visor of some sort, but I decided to further evaluate on it and ended up with this.

No set weapon planned, but I'm thinking a Scythe crossed with a Staff. Not sure how it'll look, but we got an armor and a hood, so we're half way there.

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And here they are! Evolved Versions of Cataclysm and Disaster

Cataclysm came out fine in my opinion, Disaster was a bit of bother because I always go overboard with sword designs... but they came out fine all the same. :)

Original idea was brought up by , I just wanted to draw my own versions :)

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Tomcat's Naval Commander. Thoughts? : )

So. Yeah, not a whole lot to say about it. Just looks like Alpha Pirate which bothers me the most, but I didn't feel like I could add anything more to this. : /

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That skull... :o Skype chat with Mr.

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Some fan-art for , one of the best Youtube gamers out there. :)

Sorry for the crappy image quality, that's what you get for drawing in pencil and have a weird scanner. :P

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And here's 's armor! :) Thoughts?

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's armor! Take 2! Hope you like it. :) I will flash this soon, hopefully, before Gjappy's Birthday rolls around :)

**NOTE: Sorry for the faded image, there's nothing I can do about it, it's my scanners fault. :c**

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Tomcat's Shogun armor. Won't be showing the sword sketch, will flash that when I get my computer back :)

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Would this make good use for a Swordmage's weapon? I need to flash it to add a somewhat fire-y feel to it, but what do ya think?

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Here's the Mana Themed staff, but honestly I felt sloppy with this one, like I have any other staff I've made :/

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Here's the finished Mana Blade! Thoughts? :)

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A side-by-side comparison of the old and new blades. I love how the new one turned out and I still love the simplicity of the older version. But overall; The newer blade has my approval more.

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Alright, here's the new revamped Oblivion Blade Inspired weapon. Seriously need a name for this. Thoughts guys?

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"Not uploading the skull..." Something along those lines I said, I lied. It's the marked ones and I tried to draw Jokers head but it failed massively.

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Kinda worried this will come out looking flat, but hey, time will tell.

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Very... Very... VERY slowly chugging along with this armor... God dam, this is taking WAY too long for me to do. :/

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Terrak: The Leader of the Lurkers. Sorry for the dry lines there, from now on, most likely, everything will be in pen due to my scanner being a tad weak.

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Bottom one, I think, it's kinda hard to see, my scanners kinda weird?

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