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Progress. Any good?

  • 1086 days ago via site
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How's my shading so far?

  • 1086 days ago via site
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This is what happens when I got nothing to do. And I know, I ripped on Noxus, sorry AE... :P

  • 1089 days ago via site
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  • 1090 days ago via site
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I've finished all the weapons for the Undead Doom set; Tomcat435's Titan Bone Blood Blade, Bone Blood Staff, Mallet, and Titan Bone Blood Mallet. Hope you like them. PLEASE don't moan and groan about them being basically the same symbols and design etc. :/

  • 1094 days ago via site
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Not something I can't change.

  • 1094 days ago via site
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  • 1094 days ago via site
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Was asked to.

  • 1097 days ago via site
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Made the backgrounds darker.

  • 1098 days ago via site
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I got bored and decided to make a map, like HS, but...being me... I did it in its simplest form. Anyway tell me what you think. I know, the hair is messed up... I'll fix that sometime.

  • 1098 days ago via site
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A picture of my own personal server. It is only myself who plays it. Its kinda like Single player, only I get to choose what Items I want.

  • 1100 days ago via site
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Look at the papers with simple doodles on, then look at the red arrow. :p

  • 1100 days ago via site
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The staff variation to my Titan Blade (Tomcat435's Blood Bone Blade) set. Hope you like it. As always, suggestions are appreciated.

  • 1101 days ago via site
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This was one of the first swords I ever made. I lacked loads of stuff while designing, but thats what you get for using Paint, and not Paint.NET. xD

  • 1104 days ago via site
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Tomcat435's Bone Blood Blade. Name suggested to me by . Thanks dude. :) And thanks for the tip for the blood. :)

  • 1104 days ago via site
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I was told my sword needed more blade. Idk if I took that statement for granted and widened the blade more, or I should add more blades to it. But either way.

  • 1105 days ago via site
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Honestly I'm no good with Blood, but I'll let you judge. Again, suggestions are welcome.

  • 1105 days ago via site
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Changed one feature of the blade. Hope you like it.

  • 1105 days ago via site
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No name for it yet. But ever since the random flash I did (See previous picture), I decided to be more creative and more detailed about something, but thats my opinion. :) Tell my what you think. :D

  • 1105 days ago via site
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Honestly, I swear this was just for some lols. I decided to design something silly for people to look at. :P Will improve how it looks sometime soon, I need a better mouse since mine is breaking up.

  • 1105 days ago via site
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