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One katana.

  • 1057 days ago via site
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Its official. I have well and truely ran out of ideas for weapons and armors, as if armors even had a future in my mind...
Heres where this came from;

I was scanning my old work to see if anything matched my first idea (the blue blades), and all I could find was the Mturf blade I designed for, well, guess who.
Thinking about it I thought to myself; Either design from scratch or use this one. For 20 mins I tried for a design and not one sprung into mind. So giving up, I chose this one, just recoloured it.
Now this annoyed me greatly, but this is a picture, not a ranting spot.
So please, feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

  • 1057 days ago via site
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I finished the sword I made for , hope he, and everyone else, likes it. Feedback is appreciated. :)

  • 1063 days ago via site
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Latest sword I've made. This is only the line art, colouring it comes soon. Idk why but I made this for , no clear reason why, just thought I would. :P

  • 1064 days ago via site
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(Wrong one) Bring it on ponies!! D:< (I know, you saw the one before... :P Mturf: RAWR!)

  • 1071 days ago via site
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Ok so I got both helms on their just to show. And one thing... BIG ENOUGH NOW?! O.o

  • 1073 days ago via site
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Different helm added to the Warrior. Which was better? This one or the one before?

  • 1073 days ago via site
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Sword is longer. :P

  • 1073 days ago via site
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This sword has a use! :P

  • 1073 days ago via site
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More improvements. Now that I look at this blade it resembles one I made back in 09 o.o When I used Paint ( Microsoft Paint ) to do my designs. I'll look for a pic.

  • 1073 days ago via site
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Updated the shading of the sword abit. But tbh everyone can judge me on my shading all they want now, I really dont care no more, since theres no real change. :/ No name for it yet.

  • 1073 days ago via site
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OK so my mind kinda slipped, but I like it. What do you guys think? And yes, colours will be changed shortly.

  • 1073 days ago via site
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Oh hello you small, dome thing what are you?

  • 1074 days ago via site
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I decided to work on a helm for once. This is my first one, ever. :P Tell my what you think.

  • 1078 days ago via site
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Thought I'd get a tad creative with the AQ BoA and a EpicDuel template I have. :P I even had to look up the battle pose because I don't play ED that much. xD

  • 1084 days ago via site
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Since the glow on the previous pic is too small I made it just a bit larger.

  • 1084 days ago via site
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Full screen it to see a glow suggested to me. :)

  • 1084 days ago via site
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For all of you Classic AQ players. :D Traced over the BoA Valencia shows in AQ, thought it was a fun idea. :)

  • 1084 days ago via site
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You might wanna fix the bug on the Arc Att-Axe.

  • 1084 days ago via site
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Heres the slim version of my Titan Blade. Tell me what you think of it.

  • 1086 days ago via site
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