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And 's sword is done!

  • 66 days ago via site
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Alright, so these are the hair/helms I have in mind for ED. I will get around to doing them at some point, I promise. Right nows not a good time though, considering I got stuff to catch up on SO.

  • 77 days ago via site
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See the previous version of the sword here;

Changed the blade of the sword, wasn't happy with it. But now, I'm much happier with it. c: Hope you like it.

  • 89 days ago via site
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Alright, hopefully, this will be the only time you see me do this, it's shameful and I hate doing it.

What's shameful to me? Not being original. Programs like flash, photoshop, sai, were all made for creating something original. This is not original at all and I don't feel proud.

  • 94 days ago via site
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Quite literally remade the Blinding Light of Destiny I made quite a while ago. First time I drew this version of it up, as of today, it was 126 days ago.

Quite a trek since then, I think...

  • 94 days ago via site
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Here's the finished thing. How's it lookin'?

  • 97 days ago via site
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Lovely Axe/Mace and Staff for ya'll.

  • 103 days ago via site
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Weee Bang bang?

  • 124 days ago via site
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Here's that sketch.

Not sure what I could call this honestly. Those vines or w/e they are at the bottom there, I know, not very well shaded... sorry.


  • 129 days ago via site
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Weeee a bike.

  • 134 days ago via site
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The completed Dragon Sword!

How's it lookin' guys?

  • 143 days ago via site
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Here's the Dragon Cannon now.

Not very many changes, but how's it looking to you guys now?

  • 143 days ago via site
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Here's the Sketch sheet for the Dragon Weapons.

We got the Auxillary, a Sidearm, a Mace, Stave and Daggers. Also got a sword on there for you sword lovers.

  • 145 days ago via site
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And here's the Cat Cannon, AFTER those 4/5 hours...

Much respect, SO SO much respect to for this. I consider her a teacher/mentor to me and I can't have found a better one. She's helped me out so much throughout the making of this and I seriously cannot thank her enough for putting up with me. Thanks Char, and I sure as hell hope we can do this again sometime. :)

  • 149 days ago via site
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So, here's what I got on the Cat Cannon. Not 100% impressed with it anymore, but let's see where it goes, shall we?

You may recall there was 1 other Cat Cannon that I had on that sheet of paper. That might be coming next.

  • 149 days ago via site
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The NEW and improved Cat Cannon. What ya think guys?

  • 150 days ago via site
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The sketches of the Cat Cannons from earlier. Vectoring them now.

  • 150 days ago via site
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Just having a little bit of fun honestly. Dragon Shield from Runescape.

  • 152 days ago via site
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Another sword I've quickly thrown together. No name for it.

  • 153 days ago via site
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Accept the Cat Cannon as your saving grace!

*ahem* Thoughts guys?

  • 153 days ago via site
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