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18. College student. I don't know what else to put in this little description thing anymore.

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Quick powersnack after 3 hours of straight driving

Just been given my second advent calendar, parents just surprised me! (note the customisation) #whosaysyouhavetobeyoung

Decided to treat myself to a mcdonalds and look at the queue :'( should have gone for a drive through.

Definitely know what is getting off the Mrs for Christmas!

<3 (would have got one on the treadmill but I don't think the women next to you would have been happy)

Apple fan boy or what? #ripsteve

"Craig often likes to stare into the distance, he thinks it goes well with his 'badboy' image" #benchwarmer ;)

Cows crossing over a bridge over the motorway.. #simplethingsamuseme

Find the police driving through the drive thru' at mcdonalds funny for some irrational reason. (Accidental flash btw)

Chilling in Manchester avec sei and lemmo

Messing around on the iPhone! :D