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Voltron for President!

It's Tuesday and i still can't find Mario!

Where's Super Mario? #billsmafia

joining the #billsmafia in the seats

Perfect clock for

America needs this.


": Fuck the NRA" 'mmerrica!


Weezer stage with some dude looking right.

Look at that hairy arm... Oh wait! Is that the new limited edition #billsmafia arm band? #WhyYesItIs #hellyeah


My camera was tripping balls when i shot this camp fire

Thumbs up for HUB.

Should i roast a marshmallow in it?

wanted to keep it but i said no. We don't help Pagans!

That's about enough cuteness for the day. Ready for some guns and porn.


Thanks Android! Almost as fun as cat breading. http://goo.gl/nWYCz

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