Hullo, I like internet & opinions. Fuck your feelings. #PIBCRU

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Shits getting real. But still RT this every single fucking episode of #walkingdead

For real tho

step into my office, sorry about the decor

This little goat

Those boobs that make you :( #bummerboobs

Jeeez Whatsapp no need to be a cunt about it

are you a B-Boy? (Red hat)

Today I saw in 20 years

"Skill @ will" - B-Boy crew from the gold coast. #LOL #WAT

Bingle and that fucking G-Wagon!!! #BITCH

Gettin there

We goin in right now #LOLTATZ #IRL

This mans shirt #iamjel


The laptop stand at is rrrrreeeeeallly happy to see

Hay guize ( ) #sup

It's goin down in the hood #redfern

This is how to not give fucks #nofuxgiven

Is this 's dick or lucky rabbit foot?

Ladies, am I right/is the brown paper bag wrong?