My name is Toastie & I'm a lady. I like chicken, pasta & broccoli for me tea. My daddies are stoopid. They pick up my poo in black bags when we go walkies!

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aye has a red skarf too!

aye be crossin ma legs no way aye goin out dare dis mornin to check ma peemails Brrrrr...

dat soun so fun! Aye be likin to catch da tennis balls too

Aye decided aye confikatin da fotomachine fing as ma hooman not payin me royalty to be da modellin Rudeness! ROFB

Aye b nakered afta da protest HarlemShake gatherin dis mornin for #WalthamForest4Dogs Da Council new dog rools r poo!

Dis be exclusion zone dogs no welcome in #Walthamstow Why Aye done no wrong. Tell Council no!

totes wuz lookin hot in ma new fur hat BOL

aye totes knows it BOL

eez yew all talkin bout me? Look fourwad to visitin for free biskits BOL

Stoopid hat! Where be ma dignity? Who eez takin me in? Ma bags eez packed for fox sake...

Where wuz ma invite? Aye be confewsed, why aye not be on da tellybox? Rudeness! #Crufts2013

dat be da best when yew find a new toy on walkies. Aye always brung a stick home all da way BOL

so be me! Aye wuz guardin da roast beef in da oven BOL

Ma Council want to ban dogs from 30parks & restrict in 20others. Pleez tell dem to be fair as I dun nuffink wrong!

fank yew for spikey da hejhogg, he be ma new best fren!

dat be so cooool! Aye luv de snow too *wags tail*

aye does dis to ma daddy too

aye be do da same when 2 leg eez not watchin, he go mad when it all made tidy but aye just BOL

fanks dat be ma winter scarf, aye haz dis summer scarf too it be deziner dun yew know

lucky yew, sounds like yew be winning! Enjoy da snow, aye loves it