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Me and in Spain2012, Trinidad2012, & Turkey2013. Need to find a pic from Guyana2012 aswel! R.O.D

Ive got one right now !! RT : nah but who knows about rio? that drink was livee

This is One of Sevennn made!

RT : Cant wait to wear my new J's

sigh loooool.

Please look at this. 17 in like 4 minutessss leave me aloneeeeeeeee untag untag untaggg

Look how much revision/writing ive done today. Defo though big & made today count. Im Ready for bed #Yawn. Still

The weather cant be like this when we need to be revising. Knowing our luck when exams are dun it will snow

When im not studying aint nobody wana holla. When im in the library studying people wana blow up my phone

Me and 's Gorgeous little nephew. He was crying because he was leaving but still smiled bless him! ❤

Me and Lesh in Nandoss

This is my sister revising in the library. Shes so gonna get A's

Revision time :)

TopGolf for birthdayy :) woopp happy birthday to my cakeface !! Hope she enjoys this night!

Im doneeeee. #Turkey2013 i just sent this to steph too loooool

Sun shining outside and im here on my sofa like Download my boo new E.P !!

I dont think people will DM me tbh loool. Id want to reply if they did loool

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