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Fresh spinach salad. I get it in.

Dang really. You had cause to rip this open right here? Outside. On the steps.

Wow really? That looks appetizing?

Did you put your lipstick on today ladies?

My buddy, my buddy. My buddy and me!

Who knows about this?

You can't tell me that's not a dope screenshot. Dodged Bison's attack and that crouch is the beginning of my Shoryuken.

Who needs to a hit a restaurant when I put it down like this at home?

Dang how nasty are the people here?


Dear God NOOOoooooo!!!!!!

Lunch like huh. Btw seaweed helps protect from radiation poisoning. #innocuouseducationtweet

Really? This is what's good now? Eating ostriches?

Indian food like what??

Damn human interaction fail

Sun's out!

So even the mannequins have a stomach pooch now?

Word really? Dirty ho?

Ip Man 3?????? Which one of you were slipping and didn't tell me??

Everyone feels the loss