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Not a latte guy, but pumpkin chai tea is definitely my jam.

Apparently I took 35 photos off the coast of Africa.

Coworker brought a bottle of red markers ale from Williamsburg ale werks. Anyone heard of then before?

I want this again, now!

It's (and pretzel)


I love new toys. Even if they are for me to get more work done faster.

Cinnabon bars, for when you want to hate yourself a little more but you're not waiting for a plane.

Diggin the new running shoes, but I still think cycling shoes are cooler. Thoughts?

Might be the first time I've ever seen thus since getting an iPhone. Usually I get bombed with non-background updates.

Baer has been sitting in front of me with this look for a while. Kinda freakin me out.

I'm thiiiiis close.

Yeeeaaah, it's Friday.


this was virginia about an hour ago too. Lot of closed roads in ftw.

Wow. There's a turnpike behind there.

Bluefish, green beans and corn on the cob...mmmm