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This is what I'm reading on the tube home tonight - thanks to ... #TOWIE

Is Tory MP Philip Lee taking the mickey out of Billy Hague?!

#lobbyXI Man of the Match: wing wonder (or as he was initially called)

Worthy winners: get the trophy after beating #lobbyXI 4-2 #ourgreatestteam

Look at this nasty injury to #lobbyXI LB from a Tory footballer #TheNastyPlayer

Oh balls: go 1-0 v #LobbyXI (Ben Bell from CCHQ)

BREAK Star #lobbyxi centre back limps out injured (no medical help from )

Meet Jeremy, our linesman for #LobbyXI v #cpc12

Team (aka The Strivers) to take on the mighty #lobbyXI #cpc12

The soon-to-be-victorious #LobbyXI team to take on the #Cpc12

#LobbyXI warm up for match v #ourgreatestteam

Presenting our special guest lino for #lobbyXI v : the Health Secretary

Saw this in Malta last week. Look familiar?

Mr Tory chairman - I know he was rude about the Olympics, but diplomatically-speaking...

Hello Lib Dems. is very upset she's missing your conference #ldconf

What did you tonight? I met Rafa Benitez (though I was rather nervous)

Beat that shirt/tie combo, ... Cc

Worthy winners of the #MHPWhitehallCup: . Beat 2-0 (no coalition deal here)

And breakfast is being cooked for me. Even better.

Me and the birthday girl #Happy40thJess