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I do believe someone missed me.

These two

I swear my dog is a cat. This just solidified it.

He claims this is a tv remote. Looks like a massive dildo to me.

Pretty sure you're just stupid.

C got an iPhone a while back. He recently gave me his itunes password. No more "where are you?" Texts.

She is so content to just sit out in the shade and be nosy.

That is an even larger pile of shit.

That is a large pile of shit.

illinois custody rights...

That is technically one slice. $3.75 for lunch and I'll have half of it left over. Can't beat that shit.

Best. Christmas. Present. Ever. Thanks !! #ihavethebesttwinsisterever

Yeaaaah. Cops and foggg!!!!

True life: my topsiders used to bethe same color as the table.

Fucking awesome. 33% done with dad's Christmas present! #eyeofthetiger


Cop sitting at a red light. With no lights on. Wtf.

The bride and I

Part 2 of Dad's Christmas present. Once again, incomplete.

Not half bad. All the white needs to be purple.