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One of the many Seattlelites who owns multiple yachts and loves to throw money.

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Photo leak of my 2013 away yacht? Volcano would spew champagne of course.

Possible leak of my 2013 home yacht?

leaked photo of 2013/14 away kit:

My sources tell me this is a leaked photo of the 2013/14 home kit - true? Asking for a friend.

He gets along well with my yacht cat:

The family says hello:

Considering this new yacht design. Pros: has a soccer pitch on the top. Con: WTF is that supposed to be a pool?

The 1% Cat (via ) #ThoughtsFromMyYacht

No no no Jeeves this simply will not do. Get it washed and waxed while you're at it:

Bought a new land yacht for the 2012 Sounders season. Yes - LAND YACHT. #ThoughtsFromMyYacht