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...and this big scary spider looks like she could be a Green Lantern. Possibly a Lantern gone wrong?

Sweet, "Snorks" is on!

They weren't honey-roasted, but they sufficed. #snacksonaplane

Yes, that's right. I'm having purple fries. With purple ketchup. I love Boise.

...aaaaaaand purple.

Purple purple purple purple.

has bought a pendant combining visual elements of a vortex and a rose. #unintentionalWho

Double-timing the Jamba Juice.


is a Leo. Know how I know?

Tobias from "Animorphs" says "hi."

No matter how big the cat, no feline can resist the somnolent effect of the vicious sunbeam.

Talk about your License Plate Omens. I found our cat's name 3000 miles from home!

"...riding along in my automobile..."

My sister is a huge Tolkien fan, but this toy is THE WRONG SAURON. #mountdoomisnotinthesavageland

Rai and DoubleN have a serious quantity of plums for canning. #weregoingtoneedabiggerboat

Somewhere right now, a ginger cat is purring his own orange socks off.

Isn't this where Marty and Jennifer settle down in 2015? #bttf #yourfutureiswhateveryoumakeofit


Visual License Plate Omen!

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