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As much as I'm glad to be back, this was hard to beat.

How can you have a bad day when you wake up to this?

So proud of my big brother today! Congratulations on your wedding! Putting on the finishing touches:

The genius that proposed this match-up deserves a raise

Who else is averaging this kind of mileage on their commute? #TDI #VAG

On the water all weekend. Checkin' out!


dude that's not even low. But this, this is low

Oh yea and maybe for S4s with Bentley wheels

Back in Lexington. SoWo was sick. This is why you go

Been here 10 minutes already seen more Golf R's than I can count #SoWo

does this take you back or what?

Been awhile since 'vertin, felt great

'Ello-'ello-'ello 'ello white America

I've got Warsteiner in my cup, you can bet your ass I'm sippin

Round of Applause

Kickin it old school

This hipster shit is getting absurd

Mixing up some honey hot BBQ wing sauce

The view atop of Euclid and Woodland