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Franceouer HR. No apple til fans started chanting. Symbolic of mets current state

Why would you even wear this? Much less to the game? Save it for playing with your pals or in case you run out of firewood.

Ollie 3 up 3 down? Fluke

In Caesars club at citi. Pretty fresh. Not a single met logo/photo. But dont worry theres Elton John/Barry manilow photos.

Entering ebbets, uh, citi field. Mets play here?

1st game of 1st homestand at Citi since Mets became a punchline. How empty will stands be?

let's keep the streak going! U should get out 2 stadium one day soon!

At the stadium as usual go yanks

Just spotted this old character on bus. All pink skimpy outfit. Bald head except one gold flat-top-esque patch. Great shades 2

Fat guy tht smells lk roadkill nxt 2 me on bus. just slopped his thigh ovr now touching my knee. PAUSE. dudes gross

Fat guy tht smells like roadkill next 2 me on bus. just slopped his thigh over now touching my knee. PAUSE. dudes gross

Jst read forecast saying no rain til wk from wed..were officially out of Seattle. Chick next 2 me on bus checking me out she's decent. Creep

Mets victory... We global

5-4 mets 8th inning Pujols up - must get to k-rod