Benjamin Barton


One of the last generation of Freedom Fields Babies. Plymouth to Plymouth, via Nottingham, Sheffield, Athens, Wallonia and Luxembourg

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My friend thought that the name was funny. I said "I know someone who'd appreciate that" #bluenun #BBCtw

Trust me, I'm dressed as a doctor, a doctor that studied at Newnham College, Cambridge

You want a #twelfie? Sorry, no blue nun, but I make do...

Banksy at work...

There goes my book reading spot for the next month...

No! I moved from Nottingham partly to escape a level of heritage mocking silliness... #tacky #sheffield

unless you think this is acceptable...

Oh my god, bunny wabbits on Park Grange Hollow!

I recognize that owl from somewhere. #clashofthetitans

This film reminds me of that summer job I had hunting gorgons in hades. #clashofthetitans

I'm taking my girlfriend to #tramlines on Friday. No doubt will appreciate how I intend to start the night.

do me a favour, sort this out. #disgraceful

Thank heavens, for a moment I thought it was that bootleg/counterfeit mayonnaise I've heard so much about.

I'm out in Chesterfield.... amazing.... it's exactly like Athens....

THAT is how one spells "labyrinth"

I need to name the kingfisher that lives on Park Grange, any suggestions?

So, changing into my civvies. I don't know if these are clean. If they aren't, they last were in Greece.

I met your mate the other day...

Hey look! It's Greek !