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"RELIGION IS LIKE A PENIS" (via ) So deeply and terribly wrong, and yet SO right on. *cackle*

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I'll have to keep frantically clattering out emails all weekend. Violet the cat will be providing moral support...

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View from the "front porch" of my friends' idyllic houseboat. Mornings, this is where I drink mah coffeee. Mmmm...

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Dusk, yesterday. Fog banks roll down into the harbor.

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Yeah. Pretty much.

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Puppy palate cleanser!

  • 1227 days ago via site
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I confessed my burdensome compulsion: I collect keys to doors that don't exist anymore.

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BARFY. It's what's for dinner. Straight from da' "flow pack" no less. Mmm mmm!

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Love is a smiling guinea pig. Ingmar approves. (Mhoto by papa )

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Jim Brown in I ESCAPED FROM DEVIL'S ISLAND. Quoth a wise man: "That shark is fucked."

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Ack! Poladroid addiction raging OUT OF CONTROL. Step away from the manufactured authenticity!

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Happy anniversary, Bun-o-Mine. I first smooched you in Union Station five years ago tonight.

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Somehow, this sums up my entire day. I'm not sure how, exactly. But... yeah.

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I CAN HAZ IMPOSSIBLE GIRL?? I can! I haz! Congratulations, . You are lovely and wondrous and inspiring.

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Owl feet are happy feet! Courtesy of and .

Dad's killer coffee + comedic wee wild finches + this view are getting my hopes up for a better day.

Profile of 3D head scan.

Holding my head in my hands a bit more literally than usual. (3D scan printouts are weeeeeird.)